The Story Behind the Zara Mules

These new Zara mules were probably my last sales purchase and maybe the best. Find out the story behind the mules.

Picture this scene, I’m in Portugal at the cashier line in Zara on the first day of sales. There’s madness going around me but I’m focused on a woman. She’s dressed with light turquoise culottes with pale green glittery socks and a vintage pair of Gucci White loafers. Are you picturing this? Well, in my head she’s Italian, I don’t know why but I pictured her has an eccentric Italian artist on vacation in Portugal. Guess what she’s buying? These snake print heeled mules. I walk off the line to find them but they’re nowhere to be seen. I leave Zara with a heavy heart. I find them online but they’ll never arrive before I leave. I arrive in New York leaving behind my family, my friends, my country and these mules. I stay away from stores and online shopping for a few weeks, it didn’t feel right to buy things with a closet filled with items I still hadn’t worn. A few weeks have passed and I venture for the first time into a Zara, I find them laying in a corner alone, a single pair left. They’re my size. I try them on and the heel is actually quite manageable. My man tells me I have to take them, they have my name written all over. I smile. I take them to the cashier and there are twenty people ahead of me. It takes half an hour for my turn to arrive. I buy them. I wear them on the same day. I take photos of them. I share them here. I put them in my closet and leave the door open so I can look at them from the bed (this part is bullshit ahah). I love them.


ZARA (sold out)

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