Summer in a bag


I know what you’re thinking, this bag isn’t exactly brand new but I’m still obsessed. This Cult Gaia bamboo bag has been haunting me since last year (you can check it here). I actually bought some wicker bags last summer but they are not the best bags to transport on an airplane so I had to leave them back home (btw, it still hurts). Wicker or rafia bags are still a Summer must for me but this time I really want a wooden bag. I had decided to go for the mother of all wood bags – the Gaia’s Ark handbag, when Zara came up with a pretty cool version. I feel that we can sometimes be understandably too hard on Zara, they often disrespect designers work but sometimes the details they add or their re-interpretation of a designer piece, like this bag, is also a genuine creative expression. There really is nothing new to be invented in fashion, it’s all about playing with what is out there, to be inspired with what other people did before you. For instance, this bag is actually a traditional Japanese bag, even the half-moon shape is inspired by the design of these century old hand-made bags.

I’ve made peace with my Zara (fast fashion) apprehensions, it’s time to just give them credit when they deserve it. I give them credit and my money also, I just ordered the Zara bag (insert very happy smile face) but this one still haunts me.

Gaia’s Ark Handbag / CULT GAIA



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