The Aftermath of Black Friday

So Black Friday came and went… actually it didn’t, it lasted the entire week before and weekend after! Uff… I’m tired!

I have mixed feelings about black Friday. It’s a recent phenomenon in Portugal (about two years), I only really noticed it when Zara did it the first time. They never had promotions and they have very few products with reduced prices and then one day they decided to do 20% off EVERYTHING. This never happens, there are a lot of things that never really go on sale, they transition to the next season so this special discount day is really a big deal. Now every single store in Portugal does it (from INDITEX or the H&M Group) and even luxury retail websites like Net-a-Porter or Farfetched went all in. It’s a good day to find the things you love and pay less but…. (big pause) it also creates a complete hysteria around shopping. I said this so many times but shopping for new clothes or accessories should be fun, it shouldn’t be stressful so I kind of resent these days because they take the joy out of all the process of looking for an item you will really love to wear. Obviously I love to make good deals and save money so I took advantage of the discounts but it wasn’t somethings I really enjoyed, specially because one of the things I really wanted sold out the minute Zara’s website went live… that sucked. Now, it’s not all bad news and complaints I really love what I bought and it was all on my list (no impulse shopping here), now I see it all together there are two clear winners: sock boots and the color black!

Here’s what I got! What did you get?



Boots  / MANGO     Bag / MANGO     Skirt / ZARA     Earrings / MANGO


Dress / ZARA     Pants / ZARA     Snake Print Boots / ASOS     Sock Boots / ZARA      Blazer / ASOS



    1. I did all my shopping online, I’m also too lazy to deal with the madness in the stores. 🙂


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