The Best Mid-Luxury Designer Bags!

We’re witnessing the rise of the mid-luxury designer bag and appropriately I have selected some of the best bags that you can ask for Christmas! Thank me later! (wink, wink)

There’s something about a good bag. You feel it in the leather, the design, the weight and the zippers – oh the zippers are amazing!  Besides the quality factor, which is obviously important, there’s also the brand allure, a simple bag from a brand you admire can make all the difference in how you feel about that object. No problem with that, the luxury segment is all about the feeling, the status or prestige, you just have to accept it, most times you would probably find a bag with the same quality for half the price but you’re buying the whole experience. There’s a specific fashion market segment called mid-luxury, it was once viewed as a difficult range for fashion companies but now a lot of new brands are positioning themselves in this sector because you can actually satisfy the same criteria as the super opulent fashion market and not alienate people that just feel that those hyper inflated prices add a guilty feeling to the purchase.

I listened to a podcast from Garance Doré where she interviewed Gwyneth Paltrow, she’s launching a collection in this “entry level” to the luxury market and she says that she doesn’t feel it’s necessary for brands to practice those types of prices, that they’re actually not attractive to her anymore because she now understands how much it costs to produce a luxury quality product, so those prices become injustifiable and we all know that she could actually afford the 10.000$ bag.

This is the future I identify with, a more sensible price/production cost relation, so go crazy! 



P.S every bag is under 500€ / 500$!

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