The last show




Last week the last collection from the duo of designers Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri for Valentino was presented in Milan, the rumors that the duo was being split began about two weeks ago and they turned out to be true. Maria was appointed the new creative director at Dior, a long awaited appointment since Dior’s sales have been suffering since the exit of Raf Simons. This is really exciting but I can’t help but feel that this will also mean the end of a special era in fashion history.

What these designers did for Valentino’s business and the criative direction they went for is trully remarkable. The ideas, the craft, the grandiosity and the magic that was felt in every collection won’t soon be forgotten. When the images of the last collection started poping up on my Instagram I identified so much with the caption from Aimee Song’s post – “How lucky am I to exist in the same time as @maisonvalentino?“. This is exactly how I feel, how lucky am I to witness these geniuses.

I remember deciding to make a “u-turn” and change my future in the most dramatic way since I stated doing this thing called “life“. I rejected at least six years of investment in my education and started from zerooooo in a completly different area, that decision coincided with a trip to Paris (of all places). I went there filled with hope, enthusiasm and a huge drive to absorb everything that city had to offer. It was raining and the sun had just set on my first afternoon in Paris when I came across a Valentino store. On the huge window there was just one dress in a white manequin, a Valentino haute couture dress from some season I don’t remember. I had never seen a Couture dress in person and it was surprisingly overwhelming. It was a significant moment for me because I interpreted those emotions I felt, just from seeing a dress, as a confirmation I was in the right path. This is why its really sad to think that the magic that Maria Chiuri and Pierpaolo brought to fashion is coming to an end, despite that I’ve been trying to have a “glass half full” attitude and I have to admit I’m looking forward to finding out how Maria’s Dior wil be, she’s the first woman to be head designer of the house of Dior.

Meanwhile, the last collection from the designing partners was astonishing and the theme was another cause for celebration – the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death.


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