The swedish girl / Alicia Vikander

 “The swedish girl” Alicia Vikander is my new style icon and she’ll be yours too.

When the clean and modern scandinavian sense of style meets a former ballet dancer turned actress, that won an academy award for best supporting actress when she was just 27 years old and that became the muse of Louis Vuitton despite being the newcomer, what do we have in our hands? A: a brand new style icon! She’s the new “Sienna”, who doesn’t need a new Sienna from time to time? I do! She’s little and beautiful but her looks don’t scream “Hollywood, baby!”, she’s cool and talented, she’s an outsider and she’s dating Michael Fassbender (#boyfriendgoals).


Her style on the red carpet and outside of it is refreshing, her stylist is Victoria Sekrier, this russian former model seems to be a great guide for this swedish girl, she has helped her develop one of the most original style records that I’ve seen in a while. She’s experimental, wearing a Louis Vuitton dress accessorized with a leather harnesses, and she’s not afraid of not being the prettiest girl in the room, she understands fashion and despite her almost childish looks she looks strong in everything she wears, it’s one of those cases of owning the clothes you wear and not the opposite way and that’s why she makes these risky looks work. Outside the red carpet she’s the typical Acne girl, chelsea boots, skinny jeans, a perfect balance of 80% menswear clothes with 20% feminine vintage dresses always paired with converses or rubber soled boots. She’s also not afraid of prints or color and that makes her, in my eyes, a flawless style icon.





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