Thursday Details

Yes I put these earrings on my list of H&M things to buy on Black Friday but I just wouldn’t wait. Guilty.

So I posted this picture on my Instagram (btw follow me here) and the caption was “I never wear earrings but when I do I go all in!”Β well a friend of mine commented something very interesting that I had a twisted image of myself, she was basically saying that I wear earrings all the time. Well, she’s right. Your friends can really give you some good tips on self-knowledge, they really know you better then yourself. I have this idea about me that I’m so low key and I never accessorize (although I love it) and thenΒ I find out that actually it’s not quite like that. It’s true that I’m not that person that can’t get out of the house without a ring or a pair of little earrings but I’m also that person that would most likely put these earrings on to go to the local supermarket or a coffee with a friend.

Hey, too much talk about earrings, the simple truth is this: they’re cute, I love them, I bought them and I’ll wear them all the time.





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