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My past weekend was spent tidying up my closet, don’t pity me because doing it is one of my favorite things in the world and I’m not the only one.

While searching through a book store I came across the cutest little book called Spark Joy from Marie Kondo. This book describes the author’s method of tidying up your home and consequently, your life. I had heard great things about the book and despite not having bought it, I returned home that day reflecting on this mundane thing – tidying up.

Cleaning up and organising my closet is like therapy to me. When my head is a mess, putting things in order outside of it it’s the best thing I can do to relax. There’s something comforting about leaving your closet looking beautifully organized, it trully sparks joy. This winter was especially dramatic when it came to cleaning up my closet. I was brutal, almost everything that hadn’t been worn in a year was given away. I always had a difficult time letting go of my clothes, especially when I associated them with special days or a great “style moment” but I was ruthless this time. Besides these sentimental clothes that I kept, there was also so many items that I held on to simply because they were never worn. It was a way of punishing myself for spending money on clothes and then never wearing them. They remained in my closet as a warning to my future self to never repeat the same mistake again – ” don’t buy mini skirts with huge pleats unless you want everybody to see your booty! “. Well I’m tired of being a masoquist so I decided that they too had to go, don’t keep things you’ve never worn in the hope that in the future something will change, it won’t. Learn from the mistake (short skirts no more etc) and move on.


Another big problem in my closet were the clothes that I cathegorized as “beach clothes”, this meant old dresses, old, tops, old jeans, that I would cut into shorts, old everything. I’m one of those people that doesn’t believe in buying clothes specificly to take to the beach, unless we’re talking about swimwear. I always end up using clothes that are not in their best condition but that don’t desearve to be trown away just yet. This is not a good formula, it can work with some pieces but most of the time you’ll end up hating everything you wear when you’re on beach hollidays. I now know that I want to feel as good going to the beach as I do going to a late dinner after the beach (btw, summer nights and late dinners after a day at the beach constitute the greatest oportunity for a “style moment” because you feel and look amazing so anything you wear will make you feel like you own the world).

So, I eliminated most of my beachwear and now I only have left what I really love and really wear. What this ultimately means is that I finally have space in my closet and hangers available for new clothes. I actually have a theory about hangers, like other objects such as elastic bands and hair pins, they are secretly stolen every night from my house. I keep buying them and they keep disappearing and this can only mean that someone is stealing them right?

Well, now I finally have hangers available and I can really see my clothes, that makes me more inspired in the morning when I’m choosing what to wear. Before you buy more clothes in the summer sales, take a look at what you have, free yourself from clothes that you don’t wear, trust me, it will feel as good as buying new clothes.




  1. Loved this post and now I’m so curious about that book!
    I love tidying up my closet as well, and started laughing at the part about the beach clothes being old clothes, I do that too xD And yes, it’s terrible because you never like what you wear, but I hate spending money on beach clothing when I could be buying quality, non-beach-appropriated clothes xp


    1. I think I’m gonna end up buying the book:p I thought I was the only one that did that because when I go to the beach everyone looks so nice, now I know I’m not the only one wearing old dresses ahah! Thank you Marta!


  2. And to coin a new Kondo-ism, sometimes respecting something means letting it go. My son’s babysitter took a few scarves that had been clumped in a sad pile and ties them into beautiful headscarves.


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