Too Faced Sweet Peach

My new eyeshadow palette “Sweet Peach” from Too Faced is the stuff that dreams are made of.

What happens when you decide to create an eyeshadow palette with peach colors and other warm tones, with eyeshadows called “summer yum“,  “talk derby to me” that smell of peaches and with an adorable packaging? Well, this happens – the Sweet Peach Too Faced palette, my favorite eyeshadow palette so far.

Forget the Urban Decay Naked palettes. Who wants to have 15 eyeshadow colors that are pretty much the same color with different finishes? I have the Naked 3 and I love it but these palettes from Too Faced allow you to create even more looks. If you’re an eyeshadow person this is definitely something you will want to have but If you’re not, then forget the peaches and go straight ahead to a Sephora near you and buy the “Naked Basics palette”, that’s all you need.

The Sweet Peach Palette is on another level, this is a palette for the brave, for the girls that are not afraid of wearing pinks and corals in their eyes, for the girls that know how to apply eyeshadows, if you don’t feel confortable playing with different colors then don’t take the risk because these type of colors can make your eyes look bruised if not applied correctly.


sweet_peach_too_faced_eyeshadow_palette_make_up_beauty_staygoldbyjv_2 sweet_peach_too_faced_eyeshadow_palette_make_up_beauty_staygoldbyjv


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