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Korea is here, more precisely, South Korea (nevermind the other one)! Korean beauty products have been invading our beauty shops for a while. To tell you the truth, I wasn’t caught up in the hype, probably because it was really difficult to find these products in portuguese stores, you could only buy them online and I never felt like doing it. Now Sephora Portugal will start selling one of the most famous korean brands – Tony Moly. This brand represents all that is good about these products, they are scientifically advanced, they have he cutest packaging and are not that expensive.

South Korean women are extremely obsessed with their skin care and the ritual around it, the industry had to evolve to keep up with the high standards of this public. Soon the secret was out and when the BB cream, a Korean invention, hit the worldwide market it’s sucess was unstoppable. This “all-in-one” product was revolutionary, it was supposed to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock, but the truth is that “western” formulations didn’t have the same skin care properties as the asian ones. Despite this, the rest of the world started to pay attention to what South Korean women chose to take care of their skin.

Almost five years later we can now start exploring those face masks, toners and cushion foundations, Korean beauty is trending. These are the products that I’m most curious about and you can find them here.



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