TV Style Icons


If you’re addicted to Netflix like I am then you have problably heard about the show “Love”, it premiered last february and I watched it right away. No surprise here, it’s a comedy about love, dating and new relationships. MIckey and Gus, the main characters, are cool and quirky at the same time but Mickey definitely stands out fashion wise. If you love fashion there is no way you didn’t notice Mickey’s style.

Her style is a mix of “grunge meets laid-back L.A girl” with a touch of the current 70’s trend. She’s so cool that you just want to be her, even when she’s being a b**** to Gus.

Watch “Love” and tell me if you’re not thinking twice about  buying a silver slip dresse and overalls.



Denim Jacket / MANGO          Slip Dress / ZARA          Top / GUCCI          Shirt / ZARA          Jeans / TOPSHOP          Slippers / ASOS          Boots / BIMBA Y LOLA


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