Valentino Pre-Fall 2017

Valentino’s Pre-fall 2017 collection is the confirmation that the magic hasn’t been lost.



Pierpaulo Piccioli presented his second solo collection at the Beekman Hotel in New York. He proved, once again, that the designer can hold is own designing for the Italian house. I keep expecting the spell to be broken and the Valentino’s show to not speak to me, but it never happens. Since we had this designer duo at Valentino until now there has not been a single collection that hasn’t made me fall in love with fashion all over again.

When I read the news that Maria Grazia Chiuri was leaving for Dior I thought that it was actually good that this was happening because this way I would never see their designs falling short of my now really high expectations. The band was breaking up before the albums started to suck. Well, I was wrong. Not only has the magic now spread to Dior but Valentino’s collections are still music to my ears. Making a silly comparison to another famous “break-up”, Maria Grazia and Pierpaulo are the John Lennon and Paul McCartney of fashion. Great together and maybe greater apart. 




Pierpaulo said, about his most recent ready-to-wear collection, that: “It’s important to give daywear a touch of dreams”He choose to do that by pairing his typical feminine pieces with over the knew horseback riding boots. That’s how you make your flower print shirt dress with a peter pan colar work on normal busy day.

What felt most fresh about this collection for me was the color blocking of pastel colors with bold warmer tones like rich browns, burgundies and burnt oranges. The flower prints were beautiful, some with an oriental inspiration and others with a retro feel. 

Another thing we can take from this is that, once again bow tie shirts are having a real moment, if it’s in a bold color or flower print you win extra points. This makes me very happy because I just bough a gorgeous lime green bow tie satin shirt from Zara that would fit perfectly in this collection.



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