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Newsflash of the week: Vogue is endorsing Hillary Clinton for President of the United States and The Business of Fashion will no longer be free.




Oh my, where do I begin… Well, Vogue! Vogue, for the first time in it’s history, is endorsing a candidate for the presidency of the U.S. Anna Wintour has publicly supported Hillary for a long time (check her wearing a Hillary t-shirt, yes T-shirt…) and she has been featured multiple times in the magazine, but this time the whole magazine is supporting her in a “single voice”. The announcement also discloses the reason behind this unprecedented decision and they are solely based on her character and policies that Hillary Clinton has presented during her candidacy, although one important aspect of this presidential race is highlighted:

“and yet two words give us hope: Madame President”.

On other news…




The Business of Fashion website, an essential daily resource for fashion creatives, starting October 25th will no longer be free. They have decided to follow the steps of other websites directed to professionals like Women’s Wear Daily and from that date on their content will be exclusive to members. Those that don’t become members will still have access to five articles per month free of charge, as well as unlimited access to our Daily Digest Newsletter, BoF Fashion Week Galleries, the BoF 500 and BoF Careers. The only reason provided by Imran Amed, founder and CEE of “The Business of Fashion”, for this extreme change is that:

“it’s time for BoF to take the next step in our journey as a business”.

Although I will probably not become a member ( I think 20$ per month it’s too much) this does not mean that I dot believe that the content it’s worth it. Its is my friends but for now I’m not interested. One thing I know, I will deeply miss BOF’s vision of fashion, how they make the connections between the more artistic fashion subject matters and the cold hard industry facts and numbers. It’s a reality-based fashion analysis that most fashion magazines or websites are not interested in providing but it that is extremely relevant to a more comprehensive understanding of this industry, wether you’re a fashion consumer or a fashion professional.


  1. I like that Vogue is officially endorsing Hilary Clinton. I’m not in America and watching it from here I wonder how Donald Trump made it that far. I don’t know if a lot of Americans realize this is a race for presidency and not a football game Democrat vs Republican. I hope people vote and make the right choice.
    I didn’t know BoF before. I can’t be against them wanting to gain a little something for their work. I hope they have articles worth 20$ every month. Sound a bit high to me because I’m comparing with what a printed magazine would cost but then again I don’t know their work so I hope it’s worth it.
    Great post, Congrats on your new space 🙂
    Sauniya | Find Your Bliss ♡


    1. Hi Sauniya,
      I’m also very surprised about this presidential race, America is a complex country that I’m not sure I’ll ever get, no matter how much time I end up living here. Anyway, BoF articles are definitely worth the money, it’s one of my favorite websites but although I totally understand their need to monetize their work it’s just gonna take some time to get used to it because I’ve been following their work (for free) for so much time.
      Thank you for you comment! xx


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