We Should All Be Feminists

A recurrent and definitive statement all around us, including the fashion world – “We Should All Be Feminists.”



In every class I’ve been having this issue is inescapable, we’re living in strange times and change is now upon us. Let this motto guide you and me through it all.

The now iconic Christian Dior t-shirt that Maria Grazia Chiuri presented in her first collection as creative director showed us how fashion can capture the mood of a specific time and place like only higher forms of art can. It borrowed the anthem that Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie created with her namesake book. You most definitely should check out her TEDx talk that sparked the movement.

The March issue of Vogue Magazine is maybe one you should buy and keep, the amazing cover states, loud and clear, that “Women Rule!”, exclamation point and everything.  The magazine is set and ready to fight, fashion designers and magazine editors want fashion to be the vehicle of change and I feel the consumer will want to be a part of it. Find a slogan t-shirt somewhere (amazon has great ones if Dior is not in your budget, it’s about the message not the tag), be vocal and transform every choice you make in a statement.



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