What would you wear? / Fashion Week

September means a new season and loads of fashion weeks to parade amazing street style, so I’m asking the big old fashion question: What would you wear to fashion week?

Fashion Week season is here and everytime this time comes around I just love to work out my fashion muscles by imagining myself participating in all of the commotion and thinking about – what would I wear?  Those of us pursuing careers in fashion have to take these challenges seriously, at least as seriously has choosing an outfit can be. So what would I wear? Would I want to be one of those “street style victims” that are clearly wearing a nutty outfit just to make sure their picture ends up on street style searches on Pinterest, or would I just be me, me in this case would be a cool but totally low key look, or would I still be me but make a special effort? I know for sure that I would want to be comfortable, that doesn’t mean I would be only wearing flats and jeans. However I refuse to feel like I have to impersonate some kind of fashion character, that would just make me anxious.

A “what you see is what you get” look is the only formula that makes sense to me. At the same time I’m always trying to push myself out of my comfort zone, so you can see why all of this process can sometimes lead to meltdowns and cray cray inner dialogues: “What the f*** are you doing? You want to feel comfortable bla bla but you want to be out of your comfort zone, so you’ve decided to wear those fur tigh high boots? Cause that makes sense…“.

So where do we start? With so many options it can be hard to single out the pieces you’ll wear, these are my tips to help you unblock the street style star inside of you without looking just silly.



Dress / GUCCI          Shirt / EQUIPMENT        Bag / MANSUR GAVRIEL           Sunglasses / RAY BAN         Sneakers / GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND

Just pick a trend you’re into that season and put together the look with that in mind. In this case I picked “mixed prints”. A vibrant dress with a floral print styled with a shirt tied around the waist with a understaded leopard print. All of this “eye-party” mixed with a plain suede bag and some white sneakers would make me very happy.


Sweater / EMILIO PUCCI          Dress/ DKNY          Bag / BALENCIAGA          Boots / JIMMY CHOO        Sunglasses / STELLA MCCARTNEY

If, like me, you went “all in” when it comes to slip dresses and you just worn them in so many different ways and occasions then you can just choose to wear something along the lines of that.  Think about what you wear on a daily basis but just upgrade the styling or the clothes themselves. Choose amazing fabrics and great accessories and then style your dress over a striped ribbed-knit sweater for a unexpected twist.




Coat / ZARA         Slip dress / MANGO         Bag / COS         Sunglasses / H&M          Boots / &OTHERSTORIES

This is my most used tip when I’m feeling uninspired. I pick the latest thing I’ve bought or that I’ve become obsessed about and then just build the entire look with that item in mind. It’s my starting point, my first step. A cork bag is definitely special so you just have to see what’s the mood of the bag, the color, the texture, what would accentuate it or just complement it. Having somewhere to begin is always the safest way to unblock your creativity.





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