What you need to know about skincare!

I’m turning 27 this year (s***) and this means I’ll be having a life crisis soon, starting with the small lines showing up on my face. I’ve been researching what I need to know about skincare to make sure my skin looks its best. Now I’m ready to share what I’ve learned so far.


Probably the most important thing you need to learn to make sure you “own your skincare game” is to understand the ingredients that make the products. That’s the first step, you need to know what ingredients you should look for in products and the ones you should avoid.

You need to be an educated consumer if you want to take care of your skin the best way possible. I’ve always been one of these people that never seamed to be able to memorize any of the components I would hear on tv commercials, all the acids, oils and vitamins would just blend together and I pretty much picked out a product based on the packaging, price and what the brands would tell me but we know we can’t fully trust that. Just like we learned to do with food, we have to read the small print. So, from now on never buy a product without first reading the full list of ingredients, and if I don’t refer a specific ingredient in this post, just do what everybody does best – google it!

Disclaimer: I’m far from being a skincare expert but I’m making and effort to become one, at least my own skin expert. This is what we should all do, take the information we’re given and discover what suits our skin best.

Two basic rules to understand skincare labelling:

  •  – Cosmetic brands are legally obliged to list the ingredients in descending order of predominance, there are a few exceptions but in most cases the first ingredient will be the one that is most present.

– Most ingredients have about ten different names for exactly the same substance so google once again can help you.




This goodie prompts natural cell turnovers and that minimizes the appearance of fine lines. It also prevents collagen breakdown, so it’s a must-have ingredient if you are staring to get concerned about wrinkles.


This vitamin fights free radical damaging. You might be wandering “what the f*** is free radical damage?“, well I wanted to give an abbreviated explanation of this article I read but the truth is you just have to know that it’s something that happens to your cells that causes damage, it becomes more prominent when you get old but there’s a way to fight it, either with this Vitaminm withVitamin E or any form of antioxidants present in food. This Vitamin also helps even out your skin tone and texture. It’s just good all around.


Like I said before, this vitamin also helps reduce the damage of free radicals and it also helps to prevent collagen from being destroyed so always look for the presence of either Vitamin A or E in your daily moisturizers.



This substance is very common in lotions and soaps. It’s a humectant, this means that it attracts moisture to your skin so it’s really good if you have a moisturizer with this ingredient.


This is one of my favorite ingredients in a skincare product, my skin rejoices when I apply some kind of creme with this goodie. This is one of the most moisturizing substances out there, this happens because this acid can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. If you have dehydrated skin (Me! Me! Me!) your skin will love this and you will absolutely notice differences. Because your skin is once again hydrated this will also help reduce the appearance of fine lines and will help the skin look plump. I wish I could bathe in this everyday.


Ceramides are the glue that holds skin cells together so you can right away understand why it’s so important. Everyday we’re exposed to the sun or to air conditioning and that causes damages to the ceramides of our skin so this ingredient is essential to replenish the skin and protect it.



Another favorite, this acid is one those ingredients always present in chemical exfoliators, along with lactic acid. It exfoliates the skin, removing the dead cells that clog your pores. If you want to eliminate blackheads forget about those strips, they never worked that well for me. It also helps to solve hyper pigmentation and dark spots, it generally evens out you skin. Just be careful because not all skin types react well with these chemical exfoliator ingredients.



This ingredient has the ability to penetrate into your pores and exfoliate inside them as well as on the surface of skin. This makes it the star product if you have acne or frequent breakouts because it will help to reduce them. It also works wonders on blackheads and whiteheads. Again it’s one of those products that you have to be careful about but nothing like trying it for the first time and analyzing your reaction.

That’s it! These are some of the ingredients I look for in products but remember you should become your own skin expert!

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