What’s in my bag?

The “What’s in my bag” tag is one of my favorites, is an innocuous way to satisfy our inner secret voyeur. So take a peek, see what’s inside of my bag without feeling guilty, it’s ok!



These are the main things that on a day to day basis make my bag weigh the same as a small child. This is currently my favorite shopper bag, it’s a Zara bag from the SS16 collection, I loved the contrast of the metal handles with the linen lining of the bag. Something that can never be missing from by bag is my Bimba Y Lola and Furla wallets, after all the main purpose of carrying a bag is to make sure you have money with you to buy other things to put on your bag #inceptionmoment.

My glasses and sunglasses are often forgotten and I’m obliged to walk around squinting for the rest of the day, a look that actually works for me. My previous make-up bag was also from Bimba Y Lola but since I got this one with an order I placed from Gossier (that I’ll be talking about very soon) it’s now my favorite thing to carry all my lipsticks and compact powders.

The Revlon lipstick is a new favorite, it’s a very pigmented matte balm in the color “sultry”, but the Glossier lipstick is now my favorite of the moment. A sheer matte warm brown balm that just makes my lips look so good without looking like I’m wearing lipstick (more on this in another post). The bright pink bottle is one of those hand sanitizer gels that I bought on Sephora but I HATE it, the smell is so sweet that I avoid using it, yet it’s still in my bag, it’s one of those things I can’t explain.

Something I try to always have with me is my daily planner and notebook, I only write stuff on my phone when I don’t have a single piece of paper on me. I enjoy to write and these days I have to take every chance I get to write on paper with a blue pen (always blue), it’s a simple but great pleasure.

Finally, something that makes me return home after leaving if I notice that I’ve forgotten are my headphones. If I’m walking around or on the train, I need to listen to music or podcasts. I feel life should always have a soundtrack so my headphones are essential. That’s it, now you know everything I have in my bag, except I didn’t show you the dozens of receipts I had at the bottom of the bag, or the gum paper balls or random pieces of trash that I unconsciously throw inside.



    1. Thank you Mary! Yes, Sunglasses and lipstick must be with us at all times:p


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