Winter Accessories are Fun!

“Winter can be fun”, said no one ever! Actually I’m trying to have fun and enjoy it so I did the obvious thing: I bought a neon pink beanie.

Yes, this shade of “I’m here! Look at me” pink quickly caught my attention and since I’m a beanie girl I decided to get it (btw you can find it here). I wore it this afternoon and I just kept feeling that this little pink hat just made me so happy, just made the entire look so much fun that I just felt that maybe all this time we’ve been neglecting the potential of Winter accessories. Yes we own scarves but they’re usually grey, tan colored or with a plaid print a.k.a boring and maybe that’s why we feel Winter’s aren’t as much fun as Spring or Summer, we only go for boring accessories on top of neutral sweaters. Let’s take advantage of this season that allows you to wear as many layers as you want, go for a beanie or a beret, a fur colorful stole a long skinny velvet scarf or a cool headband. Go for it!


winter_accessories_details_ootd_2 winter_accessories_ootd


Beanie          /           Velvet Scarf             /          Fur Stole           /           Headband           /           Gloves

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