You can leave your hat on

“You can leave your hat on”, in fact you should! Hats are the ultimate statement for your head

Hats were always present in my life, I love them and I took every chance I could to ask my parents for a new one. The problem is: I never wore them. I had an entire section of my closet filled with caps, beanies and loads of berets. Oh the beret… How I loved a good corduroy beret. For someone that owned so many hats you would think I had great fashion moments in my childhood but no, there was only one I wore out in public – a denim cap that I loved and I felt made me look so cool and edgy on the playground. Fast forward to my post-college years and I started to actually wear these hats I owned on the streets, mostly beanies, fedoras and panamas, I had to let the beret go.

Since Alessandro’s Gucci started to permeate the entire fashion world, hats made a strong, colorful comeback. Slowly these head embellishments (expression not to be taken seriously), arrived in stores and I feel that this Winter they’ve peaked. Everywhere I turn there’s a ponpon cap or a metallic beanie that tempts so much but I’ve been a good girl, mainly because it’s warm again outside. If you’re wondering which hat you should place your bets on I’ll be a friend and tell you can choose any hat on the face of the earth, they’re all fair game this season but these five are my favorites:



hats_fall_winter_trends_2016_fedoras hats_fall_winter_trends_2016_caps hats_fall_winter_trends_2016_fur_hats



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