Zara’s Sequined Bomber

Zara’s sequined bomber is the one that got away on black friday but luck is on my side and I found it!

I shared with you everything I bought on black friday on this post and I mentioned that one of the things I really wanted sold out immediately. Guess what it was? Yes, Zara’s sequined bomber. I totally understand why everybody would need an oversize sparkly bomber in their life. As you can tell from these photos it makes me really happy, especially when it’s paired with this amazing pink sweater also from Zara. I bought this baby on my birthday because the color just grabbed my attention. I’ve been gravitating towards this color for the past months and when I arrive home, in about a week, two pink coats await me.

Coming back to the sequined bomber, it’s beautiful and quite warm. Since it’s getting colder and colder here, the next time you probably see it I’ll be wearing the bomber under a huge coat.

The other addition to my closet is a very special new bag from Michael Kors, it’s the Brooklyn Large Grommet Leather Feed Bag but it’s sold out already. It was one of my birthday presents and it was love at first sight. It’s the perfect day bag, I’m pretty sure everything can fit in it so it’s great to walk around the city. I normally wouldn’t be the typical Michael Kors client but this bag has my name written all over it.

Bomber – Zara             /          Sweater –  Zara         /          Bag –  Michael Kors          /          Jeans –  H&M          /          Sneakers – Converse


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