A Zara Sequined Skirt

Who knew a black sequined skirt could be so special? This Zara piece was one of my favorite sales purchases.

This skirt is no stranger to this blog, it’s been on my radar for a long time. Despite being completely in love with it my rational side kept saying: “do you really need a sequined and embroidered skirt with side slits and pompoms at the hem? Do you?”. Well, the head says “no” but the heart says different… My heart’s decision to get the skirt was reinforced when I found it on sale in my size. Again destiny working in my favor.  This midi skirt, with some of the most beautiful details Zara has ever pulled off, wears like dream and can make any look special. I’ve already worn it twice and it felt great. Now it’s waiting in my closet for another opportunity to shine.



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